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"Hey, Mr. Toad - Can't thank you enough for the excellent work you did to improve the functioning of my eCommerce website. You were also very successful in strengthening the security of the site and eliminating hacker-related problems. I was very impressed and would recommend you highly. Thanks a million for all your help. "
Ann Wamack


Toad can design and create a website for you from scratch according to the schedule below. For other services the prices are negotiable eg SEO, cloning, rewriting (or other work) on an existing website.

Option (A) - A Business Card Type Website (from 200 USD)

Most businesses now recognise that they need a web address. But some businesses are not ready for a full website or they have no real content to place there. In this situation I can create a single page website, with some information about what you do and your full contact details, including an email link.

If the HTML file grows to much more than about 70 kb the page may load prohibitively slowly. In this case there will be a further charge of 150 USD for a second page for the extra items.

An example (which has a registration form and PayPal shopping cart) can be seen here.

Option (B) - Three Page Standard Website (from 450 USD)

You will want to decide how many pages you will need and how they are used. You don't need to decide right away and we can discuss the possibilities together. Each extra page after the third costs 80 USD.

An online teaching site with interactive map of London is here.

In either case, the price will include:
Making the site from scratch - not a template
Contact details in the required format
Search Engine Optimisation - meta keywords, headline tags, submission to Google, Yahoo etc
AdSense (optional Google 'Pay per Click' advertising)
Research on swapping links.

Further options:
Search Search facility - 50 USD
Site Map - 120 USD
A simple PayPal shopping cart facility - 180 USD
A custom built, shopping cart facility - 400 USD

80 USD per month, in advance, for a minimum of 6 months.

Details to think about:
Have you a design for the site in mind? Up to a maximum of three different design options can be supplied for your consideration at no charge. Thereafter each design costs 40 USD. These are professionally produced designs from "Athos de Comunicação Ltda".

Who is providing photos? Extra, negotiable, charges if we have to supply or redesign.
Who is providing text? Extra, negotiable, charges if we have to supply.
Proofreading charges - 10 USD for 1200 characters (including spaces).

Please note - Webhosting charges, including taxes and other, related, overheads (client responsibility).

Please note - I do not want the responsibility of coding financial data eg credit card numbers. This can cause many problems even for large businesses. I would suggest that PayPal is a perfectly adequate option to use – or even the simple use of emails and bank transfers.


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    I strongly recomend Toadtryouts. I have been using his services as webmaster for my site and the response for my requests are always quick,as the internet is supposed to be.

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