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"Hey, Mr. Toad - Can't thank you enough for the excellent work you did to improve the functioning of my eCommerce website. You were also very successful in strengthening the security of the site and eliminating hacker-related problems. I was very impressed and would recommend you highly. Thanks a million for all your help. "
Ann Wamack

(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

Try out Toad by letting him look over your site or blog (Google Blogger and WordPress are 'specialities') - and he will try to point you in the right direction.

He has researched Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) extensively and can perhaps help you to attract more visitors as well as improve your Google ranking. We all know how difficult an area this is - and how difficult it is to obtain unbiased information.

Of course there is no better SEO technique than providing your site or blog with fresh, interesting, content - unless it is obtaining a quantity of reputable backlinks.

If you check the source code for this post, you will see that it has its own meta tags for description and content - completely separate from those in the home page. Clearly this is extremely useful in terms of promoting the blog. It is not done automatically, each post requires a little piece of code - which can be very time consuming if you have a lot of posts.

Toad offers to provide the code for three of your posts, which you can implement via your Dashboard. This is a free offer with no strings attached. Once you see that the code works correctly, you may want to negotiate a donation for him to provide code for your other posts. If you get stuck with inserting the code - Mr_Toad will talk you through it. Provided you have saved your template first, there should be no difficulty.

Please note that Toad's Terms and Conditions apply.


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