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"Hey, Mr. Toad - Can't thank you enough for the excellent work you did to improve the functioning of my eCommerce website. You were also very successful in strengthening the security of the site and eliminating hacker-related problems. I was very impressed and would recommend you highly. Thanks a million for all your help. "
Ann Wamack

Need help with your CV or resume?

Toad has extensive experience in the preparation of CVs and can offer sound advice on style and presentation.

You may just want him to give an existing CV a quick onceover - the idea being that another person has the advantage of seeing it with fresh eyes. On the other hand you might need him to make a nice looking MSWord document based on a textfile of your details. No harm in just asking him what is possible and what is not.

So is a CV different from a resume? Toad's take on this is to claim that a resume focuses on the skills that someone can offer, as opposed to the focus of a traditional CV which lists qualifications and education. Whether or not you want to use the Comment facility to provide a truer statement of the differences (!) the fact remains that employers are increasingly concerned with present skills rather than past exploits.


  1. Anonymous says

    Can't thank you enough for helping with my c.v. the wording and presentation was to such a high professional standard they had no choice but to give me the job !

    Many thanks,

    L Richmond.

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