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"Hey, Mr. Toad - Can't thank you enough for the excellent work you did to improve the functioning of my eCommerce website. You were also very successful in strengthening the security of the site and eliminating hacker-related problems. I was very impressed and would recommend you highly. Thanks a million for all your help. "
Ann Wamack

Marketing your company

One of Toad's professional design associates from the firm of "Athos de Comunicação Ltda" has offered to provide companies with a free piece of design work for marketing purposes.

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Need help with your CV or resume?

Toad has extensive experience in the preparation of CVs and can offer sound advice on style and presentation.

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(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

Try out Toad by letting him look over your site or blog (Google Blogger and WordPress are 'specialities') - and he will try to point you in the right direction.

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HTML and CSS troubleshooting

Toad is happy to provide free help with minor HTML and/or CSS problems. Toad is familiar with eCommerce, WordPress, DreamWeaver, Google Blogger etc.

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Banners, logos, icons and ... favicons!

If you have a banner, logo or any other image that needs a little tweaking (rounded corners, for example), Toad is happy to oblige. He can also create images for a particular purpose.

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Your chess games reviewed

Would you like one of your games reviewed for free? Just submit your game (in PGN notation if possible) to me using the email address in the top menu bar

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Have your important documents (for example, job application letters) checked for grammar and vocabulary. Advice on improving the overall layout and the style of the writing is part of the package.

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osCommerce shopping cart

This is the popular free open source shopping cart. Mr_Toad can help you with with installation, functionality and security issues.

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Animated GIFs - to your own spec

Toad can string images together for you to make an animated GIF to your own specification.

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WC3 compliance

Webdesigners know that being approved by the WC3 (World Wide Web Consortium) adds a certain cache to their site - it is a universally accepted gold standard for properly written HTML / CSS.

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Teaching resources

Toad has oodles of teaching experience - so has at least some idea of setting worthwhile and interesting assignments and exercises.

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Terms and conditions

The use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions:

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